CGM PHOTO: Blog en-us (C) CGM PHOTO (CGM PHOTO) Thu, 14 Apr 2016 01:15:00 GMT Thu, 14 Apr 2016 01:15:00 GMT CGM PHOTO: Blog 120 62 KITTY PORTRAITS Our furry friends deserve portraits too! I photographed these two cuties(owned by a past client) a little over a week ago. Here's so more cat photos to entertain your internet ventures!


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ERICKSON WEDDING I was lucky to photograph Summer and Josh's wedding in Pleasanton, California, in the notable wine country area. The reception and ceremony was held at the Palm Event Center in the Vineyard and it could not have gone more perfectly!


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PRETTY AND PINK The Marquez family celebrated their daughter for both her first birthday and baptismal. The ceremony took place in Palo Alto, with a reception to follow in Newark. The decor was beyond adorable--everything pink and pretty! The birthday girl had two dresses, her elegant baptism dress and a fluffy, cute tutu. 

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ALISSA AND JAKE Among the windy roads of Niles Canyon in between Sunol and Fremont, is a "secret" sidewalk. This leads to huge murals left by graffiti artists underneath one of the car bridges and along train tracks. It made perfect for the daring couple, Jake and Alissa. 


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BEGOOD CLOTHING I luckily had the chance to shoot a short advertisement for BeGood clothing, based in San Francisco, for a summer look.  Here are some of the images:


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PROM 2014 This year's prom shoot went just as smooth and beautifully as last year's. This year, I got to cover Janelle and her date. We wanted to go for a simple, warm shoot. We used one of my favorite local locations, Don Edwards. She had included her friends in her shoot--it's always fun working with a large group all dressed up!

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LILY This week was filled with a bunch of mini shoots! My favorite and happily the easiest, was with Lily. She is celebrating her first communion in May and had some pretty head shots and portraits taken. The location is the Rose garden in San Jose. 

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THE HUNDREDS AND SF After surviving midterms, I kicked off my spring break on a creative, random note. After my morning class, I decided I wanted to go to the city for a relaxing time out. However, I didn't realize that there was also an awesome photo meet-up being hosted by the Hundreds--Ben and Bobby, SF photographer Travis Jensen, and LA photographer Van Styles. Funny how things work out! I've been meaning to do something aside from my usual family portraits and wedding work. I am so glad I go this chance to meet other aspiring artists and adventure-seekers.

As a portrait photographer by heart, most of the photos I took were of people! Haha. I can't wait for this coming week, I have quite a lot set up!

Ben Hundreds This is Bobby Hundreds, taking a picture of me. Heh. This little meet up was pretty cool in that it showed me parts of the city I never really explored--like the allies of China town. Gotta love the older peeps. And what other way to get around the bay then BART?

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ADAMS FAMILY SPRING PORTRAITS I have photographed the Adams family for a few years now, and every time is always a fun little adventure! We photographed at a Japanese Tea Garden. Their outfits were perfectly coordinated and the kids were so so so adorable! I love working with families and kids, they're always cute!

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MARY JOHNSON I attended and photographed another Ohlone Psychology Speaker Series Event featuring Mary Johnson. Mary Johnson is the author of An Unquenchable Thirst. It is a memoir of her times spent as a nun in The Missionaries of Charity, she worked closely under Mother Teresa for nearly 20 years. She shared with us her story as a Sister of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and explained commitment mechanisms. She left the sisters in 1997 and went on to study English and Creative Writing. She also co-founded the A Room of Her Own Foundation. Mary Johnson's work has been featured in many publications and public displays ranging from the Oprah Magazine,The Washington Post, The Rosie Show, and many others.


Commencing the talk is club president, Jessica Oak.  Followed by faculty advisor, Sheldon Helms. He also serves as a board director for Stanford Sleepwell Society, Bay Area Skeptics and SkeptiCal Science Conference. Mary also read an excerpt from her memoir.  After the talk, she stayed for a book signing.  Thank you Mary, for sharing your story with all of us! To purchase her book, click here.

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TRIPATHI BABYSHOWER Pravi threw his wife, Shachi, a beautiful baby shower for their baby girl that they are expecting next month. They both come from a fun and joyful Indian family. The food was fantastic and the gathering was full of games and good laughs. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the event!


They had fresh flower arrangements and a small backdrop for photos of their guests with some fun props. The setting was both indoor and outdoor, decorated in pretty pink! One thing I absolutely enjoy about photography is capturing hysterical laughs! With their fun family and silly baby shower games, there were plenty of good laughing moments! This cake was amazing! So clever with the decorations and the pastry itself was so rich and delicious! A few of the children drew Shachi a few cards, so adorable! Thank you to the Tripathi Family for having me photograph such a special time!

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FAULTLINE STUDIOS Located in the tenderloin of San Francisco is Faultline Studios. They had me come in to photograph some head-shots and stick around for some candids while they work. The studio itself was pretty interesting--with two recording rooms, a producing room and a viewing balcony room looking over it all. All of these guys have been friends since high school and they've continued to work together. Adam Pena on the mixer.  Zo Rosales  Jay Clarks Charlie Boado Duane Tatum Adam Pena Outside of the studio was a huge mural of a sleeping man with his thoughts being pulled out of his head, it was pretty cool.  Haha, I spy crocs. 

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LETICIA AND JAMEILA, SF CITY HALL WEDDING I had the chance to photograph a beautiful small wedding in San Francisco City Hall. The brides, Leticia and Jameila, had a small ceremony in front of the bright oragami christmas tree right after the New Year began. Their family and friends were all present, the event was so warm and exciting! A small reception dinner followed at Regalito Rostiseria in the mission district. It consisted of fine mexican food and catching up with friends and family who all traveled from different places.



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GOODBYE 2013, THANK YOU. Thank 2013 for being the best year yet. I got to do so much, travel and had some great experiences along the way. There were many events happening to me this year, these are just a few highlights! So, here's a look back at my year--beginning in the Philippines. I was there for 5 weeks, and returned back to the states in late January. It was a great time, it was my second trip to the islands. 

This is my favorite shot of the whole trip, down a busy road near a wet market. 

Two weeks after my return from the Philippines, I was off to El Salvador! This was one of the best highlights of my entire year and by far the best trip that I have ever taken. The food was amazing, the people were beyond kind, and the country itself was gorgeous. I saw Mayan ruins, ate along the streets and had an experience of a lifetime. This is a cave from La Libertad, a beach. Following it is an old woman praying in a church in San Salvador. 

After my trip from El Salvador, I focused in school for a few months but had a few trips to Tahoe and Yosemite for some snowboarding. I even got to attend the Heavenly Highroller snowboard competition--I got to meet and photograph Shaun White and several other snowboarders. 


I had several trips along the California Coast, which included Monetery, Halfmoon Bay and Pescadero. I also took a few trips to Los Angeles. The following photos are from my visits to Mission Carmel, somewhere along Highway 1 and Hollywood. My summer was so busy with a season of freelance photography(I had stopped working at a portrait studio)--I covered everything from Prom, Weddings, Birthday parties, and some great studio work! I learned so much this season. I got to work independently and along side a few great photographers.  My family welcomed a few babies over the summer too! Here's a photo Baby J!  A trip to Vegas and family from over seas came to visit! Vegas is definitely a fun place for light photography. I also got to try burgers ate Gordon Ramsay's Burgr. Amazing, again. 

2013 was also the year of FREE concerts. I got to attend three concerts and meet Paramore. I saw Muse in February, The Postal Service and Jason Mraz over summer. All with some pretty amazing seats. Here are a few instagram shots from my timeline. 

I spent my 2013 weekends and spare time adventuring and eating around the Bay Area with my boyfriend, Ian. We had amazing, amazing food and went to some pretty cool places along the way. This was from a trip in March to SF Museum of Modern Art featuring a Murakami Piece. 

I had several camping trips to the lake, but my most memorable one was to Pismo beach over thanksgiving. Sand rails, dune cars, the cold water nearby--plus a ton of awesome people. We spent four days camping out by the water, but at night we'd venture to the huge dunes and watch sand cars or ATVs race up and down hills. Here is a group shot of the bunch. 

2013 was the best year on record. I had tried so many things, seen so many places and made memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life--there is really too much to blog about! Thank you to my amazing family, my friends and those who have made everything I experience possible. There were some small set backs, but I learned so much about myself and the world that I live in. Thank you 2013, for all that I have gained. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store!


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RANI'S PRE-COTTILION PHOTOS I photographed Rani and her court for pre-cottilion photographs. We shot at Don Edwards regional park in the morning which made for a great lighting as the sun snuck up behind the oak trees. We had a pretty large group, but all together it was so much fun to photograph! 

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SALINA & GREG'S WEDDING This is actually Salina and Greg's third wedding reception! Having two other ones in other states, they wanted one in the Bay Area. They had a chinese-banquet style reception at East Ocean Restaurant in Emeryville--with the sunset as a beautiful backdrop. It was a lovely end to their huge celebration!

We took family portraits out by the water as the sun was setting. They're guest book was quite unique! They had postcards from all the various countries they have travelled together so guests could fill them out and put them in a vintage suitcase.

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FALL FAMILY PORTRAITS These were a few autumn themed family portraits I recently photographed of baby J and his cousins, Beckhem and Bella! So adorable.  We had an outfit change into some bat-man costumes!

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WELCOME BABY JAIR ARIEL ORTEZ My family recently welcomed a new member, Baby J! Here are just a few quick portraits after a diaper change!

Sleeping smiles!

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VEGAS LIGHTS I spent a good few days in Las Vegas a week ago, and though the night life isn't for me yet, it sure makes for some great bokeh and fun light photos. 

The Venetian has always been one of my favorite hotels, its funny to think its all indoors and made of plaster. 

Oh! And I finally got to eat at a Gordan Ramsay resturant, Burgr. AMAZING. 9 dollar milkshake? Heck yeah. 

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THE ACADEMY FOR SALON PROFESSIONALS I recently got to photograph head shots for The Academy for Salon Professionals in San Jose, with another talented and seasoned photographer, Dino Graniello. Studio work is always interesting, we got to put our portraiture skills to use! Fun, fun. All of the make up artists and hair stylists did an amazing job, they were definitely a talented bunch! The models as well--fierce. Here's a few of my faves:

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